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LED Aluminum Profile, also known as LED Profile or LED Channel, is made of 6063 Raw Aluminum and Diffuser.It is mainly used to protect the strip from physical damage and to enhance the aesthetics of the lighting.

Aluminum LED profiles have a variety of functions:

led aluminium channel are available in various shapes, sizes and colors to meet different lighting requirements. In addition,we can customize them for you to meet your project .When choosing LED aluminum profiles, the demand focuses on the shape, size and then color of the led profile. The different colors,different looking-face.For example, the black aluminum channel has a more stately and serious texture.

The shape and size depends on how to install. If you want recessed installation, you can only buy recessed aluminum channel instead of ceiling one

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LED strips are little easy to physical damage because of the beads to die. the led strip light is made up of soft pcb boards, SMD beads and resistors.
These are delicate components. They are little easy to physical damage.

led aluminium profile provides a protective barrier to protect the LED strip from dust, moisture and accidental impacts, thus extending the lifespan of the LED strip.


led aluminum trough is very easy to install, different styles have different installation methods. Generally there are recessed, ceiling, hanging and so on.We provide all kinds of mounting accessories.

LED light strips generate heat during operation. led extrusion grooves help dissipate heat, which prevents led tape from overheating and causing the beads to die.

This ensures the stability of led ribbon and increases the working life of LED Streifen.


LED channel lights are available in different shapes, colors and sizes to suit various lighting applications.We have corner led profile, recessed led channel,hanging profile light,surface ledprofil,bendable led profile,drywall led strip channel


All led aluminum channel will come with diffuser, it has two different materials, one is PC, other is PMMA. two kinds of different
What is PMMA?PMMA is Poly-methacrylate or methacrylate,which can offer glass-like quality.good transparency,good clarity and good is smooth face.
What is PC?PC is Polycarbonate, also very clear plastic material and support best stength,impact resist and stiffness.

what is different between PC diffuser and PMMA diffuser

Aging ResistancePC requires a special quality for outdoor use ,It will turn yellow after yearsPMMA is highly resistant to UV light and weathering. It  will not turn yellow over time.
Temperature Resistance temperature of PC is 135 degrees temperature of PMMA is 90 degrees
Scratch Resistance PC does not crack and easy to scratchPMMA is easy to crack and hard to scratch
Impact Resistance250 times of glass17 times of glass


How to choose between PC diffuser and PMMA diffuser

PMMA has the advantages of high light transmission,it is good for led panel plate light
PC the advantages of highe temperture,it is good for high bay light
LED Profile lights is both PC and PMMA.and we can support you for PC And PMMA.

There are about 5 kinds of diffusers depending on the effect, Clear, Semi-clear, Opal, Opal frost, Black. The biggest function of the diffuser is to make the light emitted from the strip more comfortable  and better visual effect.

LED channels are widely used in architectural lighting, interior design, retail displays and other applications using LED strips.It provides both protection for the strip as well as a very professional lighting design that adds to the aesthetics.

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