Led corner Profiles

LED corner profiles, also known as V-shaped LED profile, are specialized accessories designed to enhance LED lighting.

We will introduce you to what angle LED profiles are, how they are used, and the various applications for which they are suitable.

What is an corner led aluminum profile?

LED corner profiles are aluminum profiles specifically designed to place LED strips at a 45-degree or 90-degree angle, such as wall corners, windows cabinet and other special locations. These profiles have a variety of uses, including protecting LED strips, dissipating heat, and providing professional decoration for lighting fixtures, adding softness to the light and improving visual effects.

Uses of corner led channels:

Corner profile light provide a straightforward and effective solution for mounting LED strips in wall corners. The installation process includes the following steps:

Measuring and cutting: Based on the dimensions of the wall corner, determine the required length of theled strip corner profile. Use a cutting tool to cut the aluminum profile to the required size. (Generally, our profiles are available in lengths of 1m 2m 3m 5m and can be cut according to your requirements.)

Place the LED strip: peel off the 3M sticker backing of the LED strip and stick it in the slot of the profile, please make sure that the strip is laid flat and firmly in the slot of the aluminum profile.

Optional diffuser cover: Please press corner led diffuser into the groove of the aluminum profile, the diffuser can generally be firmly clamped on the profile.( there are many kinds of diffuser , such as PVC, PMMA, transparent and frosted. At present, the more used is PVC frosted It can make the light soften and uniform.)

Installation: Using the proper installation method, screw fixing and snap clips to hold the aluminum, the led strip corner channel can be firmly affixed to the desired surface. Be ensure proper alignment and stability during the installation process.

LED corner profiles offer several benefits:

The aluminum housing protects the LED strip from physical damage, dust and moisture and lasts longer.

Heat dissipation:
LED strips generate heat during operation, and excessive heat can affect their performance and lifespan. The aluminum profile acts as a heat sink for heat dissipation and make long lifespan of led strip light.

Aesthetic appeal:
The profile enhances the lighting effect of the LED tape, giving it a sleek and professional appearance. It also helps to conceal the wiring and provides a clean surface.

corner profile light are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to suit different installation requirements.

Applications of LED corner profiles:
led corner extrusion are used in a variety of lighting projects, including

Architectural lighting:
corner led extrusion are commonly used in architectural lighting designs to provide accent lighting, highlight structural features, and create visually appealing effects.

Display cabinets:
led corner profile light provide an excellent solution for the lighting of display cabinets, shelving units. It ensures uniformity and softness of light.

Furniture lighting:

By incorporating LED corner profiles into furniture designs, such as cabinets, users can achieve elegant, stylish and functional lighting solutions that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

Outdoor installation:
led strip angle profile designed for outdoor use can be used to implement LED lighting solutions in landscapes or outdoor signs.

led aluminium corner profile offer a practical and visually appealing way to install LED strips around corners or along curved surfaces. With its protection and heat dissipation features

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