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500+ Models

500+ models high quality products and support to customize for you.Mold fees refund

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100% on-time delivery & prodvides instant customer service.over 300 models in stock

8000m ² Factory

Manufacturing led profiles over 5 years with 5000 squre meters factory,exporting 100 countries

1. Factory price, support custom OEM & ODM,and mold fees refund
2. Professional production Aluminum profile manufacturer. With more than 500 Models
3. Fast response within 10 hours.(6*10 hours service)
4. More than 100 models are available in stock and can be shipped in 1-2 days, custom models can be shipped in 15-20 days
5. Provide high quality products and more thickness aluminum channel
6. We can provide free samples to test the size, thickness, lightness, etc.  or compare with china competitor

Why Choose LED Aluminum Profiles System?

People’s lives tend to be more and more simple, which creates a simple atmosphere for people’s decoration requirements. The mainless light becomes very popular, it replaces the cumbersome, bloated decoration of chandeliers.

The aluminum channel combined with the strip is perfect to create a beautiful visual effect, it eliminates the shadow problem of the strip luminescence, the problem of blinding. Make the light more even and soft

Various sizes of aluminum channels are available to meet different lighting application scenarios. There are corner aluminum channel, recessed aluminum channel, ceiling aluminum channel, etc. Generally hidden design is more popular. Only see the soft light, can not see the product itself. Very high-end

Very simple to use, easy to get started, less construction steps, and lower cost.